Garden Room FAQs

How long does it take to build a garden room?

As most of the structure is pre-built in our workshop, it usually takes 1 to 2 weeks to install the studio depending on size and interior fit out requested.

Do I get a guarantee on my Garden Room?

We give a 10-year structural guarantee for the studio itself and individual guarantees (of varying lengths) on all other products such as windows, doors, and flooring. These are all listed in our Terms and Conditions of Business, which we supply before work starts (or beforehand on request.)

What are your lead times?

Lead times for our garden rooms are variable depending on demand. We would always discuss this with the customer and, if possible, try to accommodate any desired timescales if it seemed feasible.

Do I need to clear the ground before you start building?

Any general planting or existing building/structure needs to be removed before installation. We would always do a site visit in the process of quoting for the garden studio and would advise on what work needs to be done before we can install. We can clear a site or remove existing buildings/structures if the customer requires us to which we would quote separately.

Are garden rooms warm enough to use in winter?

All the Garden Rooms built by Chew valley Garden Studios are fully insulated and double glazed, making them suitable for use all year round. We can install a wall-mounted electric radiator to make your garden room extra cosy in winter or an air conditioning unit to keep you cool in Summer and will also be used to heat the studio in the winter. For air condidtioning installation we work with our trusted partner Leader Air.

How do I get power to my Garden Studio?

An armoured cable is run from the main house or premises to the studio and needs to be connected by a qualified electrician. We are happy to arrange this and would quote for this separately. There are different sizes of armoured cable required depending on what electrics are needed in the garden room. The correct size must be installed as it would be costly to replace an undersized cable after the garden room has been built.

Can I get Internet in my Garden Room?

Many garden rooms are built for use as a home office, therefore a fast internet connection is a must. The best way to achieve this is by installing a cable from your router and adding a new access point from your garden office. We don't recommend using a Wifi booster for your garden as it's may offer a poor connection. We work with a trusted partner, Team Geek to fit the best internet connection to your office.

Do I need Planning Permission for my garden room?

In most cases, we will design and build a garden room that falls within permitted development. Therefore a typical garden room does not need planning permission.

Can I use my garden room as a bedroom?

Your garden room will be warm enough to use for guests to sleep in, for example, placing a sofa bed in your garden office is a great way to maximise on space. If you want to 'officially' make the garden room a bedroom, it will need to comply with Building Regulations. If you wanted to rent a garden room, for example, on Air B&B you would need to apply for planning permission for the change of use.