Wood Cladding Vs Composite

When it comes to choosing the cladding for your garden room, office or studio, there are several options available. Either a wooden cladding made from an attractive Scandinavian Redwood, Cedar, Larch or certain types of hardwoods. Alternatively you can choose either a composite cladding or a rigid foam PVC cladding.

At Chew Valley Garden Studios we recommend either a Scandinavian Redwood cladding or rigid foam PVC cladding for our garden rooms as these are the most cost effective and most sustainable or recyclable.

We appreciate that many of our customers are looking for the most eco-friendly and budget-friendly option for their garden room. Both wood and composite have their own eco-credentials as well as their own benefits, which make them both a cost-effective choice.

If you have a specific preference on a cladding, outside of our normal options, we are more than happy to look into it for you.

Benefits of Wood Cladding for your Garden Room

Our wood cladding is pre-treated to protect against rot and insect attack.

The beauty of wood gives a natural look and is uniquely textured. It can be stained or painted to suit your aesthetic preference. You can choose from Scandinavian Redwood, Cedar, Larch and some types of hardwoods. Scandinavian Redwood cladding is a very eco-conscious material as it comes from a renewable resource. It is also biodegradable and is energy efficient in its production.

A wooden garden room is a very cost-effective option.

Benefits of Composite Cladding for your Garden Room

Composite cladding is incredibly durable, long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance as it will not rot, warp or discolour over time. Composite cladding comes in a range of colours, textures and styles, some of which are specifically designed to look like wood.

At Chew Valley Garden Studios, we recommend a rigid foam PVC cladding for clinets looking for an alternative to wood as the production waste from this is recycled and used cladding at the end of its life cycle can also be completely recycled to save anything going to landf ill.

Composite garden rooms are generally more expensive than most wooden garden rooms, but offer their own benefits.

The less rustic or natural look of composite cladding is not for everyone, but if you are looking for a maintenance-free garden room, composite cladding could be the right choice.

Whichever option you choose, Chew valley Garden Studios are proud to offer some of the most affordable garden offices in the UK, and we build the best garden offices in Bristol. Please get in touch to talk to us about your ideas for a garden room. We are pleased to have worked with many happy clients in Bristol and the surrounding areas.